Sometimes it's acceptable for a brother and sister to have a snog.... last night not one but two beautiful babies came into my birthing world. No interventions, a complete physiology first time twin birth, what an empowered woman... happy happy parents happy happy Midwives. 

From mum Gemma... "So this morning myself and Nigel welcomed Into the world our beautiful son and daughter, Toby Michael Baxandall 5lbs 2oz at 6:44am and Saige Georgina Baxandall 4lbs 8oz 7:15am after only being in labour 6hours to say I am proud of myself is an understatement of not taking any pain relief and birthing two healthy babies the way I wanted with help from my gorgeous husband who as my Rock the whole way through and Virginia not only acting as my independent midwife but also stepping is as a mother role model I felt so confident and safe in her care! And also everyone at the darent valley hospital in dartford was amazing gave us well informed choices to b able to reach our goal and have the positive birthing experience we so wanted!"