Birth Pictures

By viewing this page you will see explicit birth pictures.


They are, in our view, beautiful pictures of normal birth. All the women are proud to share these pictures for educational purposes. 

Birth of Samuel, purely physiological water birth of a 4.7 kilo baby

Home VBAC of a 10lb 2oz baby

The Pink Line
This picture shows “The Pink Line” of dilatation….as a woman’s cervix dilates the pink line travels further up the cleft between her buttocks

This waterbirth is quite educational as well as beautiful because you can clearly see the mechanism of labour. The head begins to emerge. The head is born with the back of the baby’s head visible so baby is looking towards mothers back. The baby rotates to lie on its right side facing the mothers left inner thigh now. In the last picture, it is clear to see that the shoulders and arms have now been born.

Birthing Stool Birth

The baby has been in the birth canal for a while the mother has been pushing during the 2nd stage of labour for a couple of hours or more. You will see that the baby had a “bun” on her head and the head is cone shaped. This is moulding of the head. All the bones in the scull can overlap in order to make the width dimensions smaller. This is very normal and a very clever trick of nature. The baby emerges looking at the mother's back.


The baby rotates to look towards the mothers left inner thigh. The moulding of the head is very clear and you can also see the shoulders beginning to emerge under the pubic arch. Hands at the ready (dads and midwife) to catch baby it is re assuring to see what a lovely colour the baby is and also you can see her eyes are already open to welcome the world. The small amount of blood on the baby represents a small tear that the baby has caused to the mother's vaginal wall.


The baby is born. It has an amazing startle reflex, is a lovely purple colour and the cord is full of life giving blood so in an instant all are reassured that baby is perfect.


Birth on all fours

This is the view of a baby when the mother is on all fours. While the water distorts his features it is clear to see this baby is a lovely healthy colour and all is well.


Third stage of Labour

In the Western world the 3rd stage of labour is largely ignored, but allowing nature to take its course has many health benefits for mother and baby.



Picture 1 - This placenta has a large yellow fatty area on the right hand side

Picture 2 - There is a clear and definite divide in this placenta, giving it an appearance of two placenta in one membrane

Picture 3 - There is a very large blood vessel running through the membrane, could this have had haemorrhage implications for this woman if her waters had broken at that part of the membrane.