Kay Hardie

Kay Hardie, RN, RM (Dip)

Hello, I’m Kay and I live in Ashford, Kent with my partner Mike. I have two wonderful grown up children Alex and William, whom I see often. I trained many years ago as a nurse, worked in different specialities and overseas. It was during my first pregnancy that I decided I wanted to train to be a midwife. I looked forward to seeing the midwife who was looking after me and valued her knowledge and support. I can still remember some of the little things she said to me! 

I started my midwifery training soon after William was born. It was a challenge, a full time course and raising two small children under 4. I was fortunate to work alongside a midwife who was an excellent mentor and role model and laid the foundations for the way I wanted to work and the midwife I wanted to be.

After I qualified in 1996 I worked for the NHS in local hospitals and then as a community midwife in east Kent. Whilst I loved that job, I became increasingly unsatisfied because I wasn't able to give complete continuity of care to each woman I knew. I’d give my personal mobile number to women who wanted a home birth and then have to negotiate with my manager about working hours and ensuring antenatal clinics were covered etc etc. Frustrating indeed! Virginia, my friend and colleague was feeling the same way, left her NHS job and started working as an independent midwife. The time was right to join forces and together we set up Kent Midwifery Practice and haven’t looked back. 

Research shows that building a knowing and trusting relationship with a midwife has a positive effect on the outcome of labour and birth. This is confirmed each time I see the wonders of birth unfolding before me, strong empowered women, trusting in the birth process and giving birth naturally usually with no medical intervention. Being independent enables this process to happen with ease; I believe this is the best way forward for women and midwives. 

I’m an expert in home-birth, water birth and VBAC. I have experience working with women who have more complicated pregnancies including diabetes, high blood pressure, Group B Strep, breech and twins. I am trained in the use of complimentary therapies including homeopathy, aromatherapy and use of moxibustion for turning breech babies. 

I’m a proud member and Board Member of IM UK (Independent Midwives UK). 

When I'm not working I enjoy a varied social life, I love travel, walking, the arts, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

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