Vita's birth story

I feel very lucky to have my baby girl Rasa here in England. When I talk to my female friends (both English and Latvian) about their birth experience I understand how lucky I was that Kay crossed my way and became my midwife.


I was terrified, not from having baby, but having it in United Kingdom. I came to live here five years ago. Love brought me here, I met my future husband and here I was. In Latvia we have quite bad opinion about pregnancy care in UK and to make it worse my first pregnancy ended with miscarriage at eleven weeks. I was very unhappy with support I get from my NHS midwife and all system together. I felt scared, hurt and left alone. So I knew if I will get pregnant again I will look for independent midwife. I found Kent Midwifery Practice on internet and Kay responded on my email. Now I believe I could not get so good care in Latvia. I grow up in post-Soviet country with believing that because of my bad eyesight I will definitely have caesar, but ended with wonderful home birth...


Kay, she not just take care of me, she actually educated me about what is happening and why is happening. Knowing and understanding leave no place for fear. The books she gave me to read, the information with what she provided me let me to take my own decisions and to understand what birth I want. She introduces me with hypnobirthing and it lead me to take hypnobirthing class, what I believe helped me a lot to stay calm and to surrender to surges during the labour. After every Kay home visit, all bad thoughts were gone and I always was left extra happy and calm. I remember the peace I receive when Kay arrived to our home the day Rasa were born - I think in that moment I completely relaxed and knew that from this moment everything will be okay, because Kay is here. I trusted her completely. Her presence was so invaluable. During the labour she just was here and let me to be me and her suggestions on birth pose – it worked so well – actually I give a birth exactly like that. All I needed during the labour –was just Kay, nothing else – no pain relief no music or even my beloved husband. During the labour Kay said, baby will be here on lunchtime I looked on my watch and it was 11o’clock I thought okay I can do it for three more hours and yes Rasa was born at 1.01pm! It was so wonderful - really to be there with all my senses, to see how my baby head showed and how gently she moved out in hands of Kay.


As a first time mum and new mum whose own mum or sister could not be here with me to give helping hand. Kay’s help in first days and all first month after Rasa was born was incredible. She came to see me as much I needed. I really don’t know how I could survive without her! And the main thing - everything she said come true – my struggle with breastfeeding become joyful experience, the sore nipples really get better and the new life role become so joyful. The day she discharge me I felt ready to face world without her by my side. If there will be another baby, no doubt and Kay will be there to meet him or her!