Lorna's Birth Story

Birth of Lorna's twins by planned C-Section

Virginia and Kay had been my midwives for the birth of my first son, and Virginia for my second so I knew I would be in a safe pair of hands again.

This time I was heavily pregnant with twins when I decided to contact them again because I needed extra support and Kay became our midwife for this new adventure of twins!

My babies were transverse throughout my pregnancy, lying like double decker buses so I knew I was going to have an elective C-section. I was very much stuck in a rut, feeling there was no point in a birth plan as it would be a medicalised birth. Kay spent three very valuable hours with me helping me to decide how I wanted the birth of my twins to be. She then spent time getting my plan agreed by the staff at William Harvey Hospital.

This really built my confidence that the birth would be a special experience that I'd been able to make choices about. Kay was at the hospital 7am on my due day and really helped steady my nerves. All of the staff  that I came into contact with were respectful of my birth plan and Kay helped by bringing the attention back to details I had wanted like delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin contact with my precious babies.

Kay never left our side during the day and was constantly reassuring during our time in theatre, even voicing my concerns when I started to have a little breakthrough pain. I felt at all times that I could cope well with the experience because I had confidence in Kay advocating for us.

Our beautiful girls arrived fitt and well and after the delayed clamping were immediately transferred to me. It was a very special moment seeing both my girls safely born, lying on my chest, we were so glad that Kay was there to support us and be part of such a cherished moment. I will always remember Kay helping position our babies in the recovery room so together they could have their first feed from me.

Our girls are growing up fast now. I look back to that time and we are so pleased that Kay was part of our birth preparations, final pregnancy and twin birth, she made it an amazing experience to remember.